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4 Days in Provence to elevate your brand

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A Wedding Planner & Photographer's


in Provence , France

"Join us for a 4-day training experience in Provence, tailored for wedding planners and photographers seeking to enhance their reputation, build a network at the highest level, unleash their creativity, learn from the best, and leverage their expertise to upscale their businesses in the luxury market."

April 8th-11th 2024

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A new and unique concept with a genuine modern aesthetic

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4 Days


  • Intimate groups of attendees
  • Surrounded by multiple experts
  • 2 exceptional provence venues
  • Wedding Planner and Photographer collaboration Training
  • Numerous individual 'Luxurious Styled Shoots'

Meet & greet


  • One to One
  • Multi Conferences
  • Meet Stephanie Fayolle Provence Expert Wedding Planner
  • Meet Christophe Serrano estimated Fine Art Photographer
  • Join the Reference Family

Get ready to


  • Create your own images through multiple individual sessions
  • Guaranteed 100% publication rate
  • Collaborate with industry experts
  • Elevate your portfolio
  • Compete and present your collaborative work to the jury

Your Benefit

"Individual photo shoot for the duo consisting of the photographer and a wedding planner, your creativity, your artistic choice.

Multiple workshops with customization options so that each duo can achieve a unique result."

"Under the watchful eye of experts, you will present your work, with prizes awarded to each participant."

Individual Session

DAY 04

DAY 03

DAY 02

DAY 01

Thursday, April 11th

Wednesday, April 10th

Tuesday, April 9th

Monday, April 8th


  • Photo selection for post-production
  • Presentation of the photos to the jury
  • Prize-giving ceremony
  • Lunch break
  • “Clap de fin, au revoir et bon retour!” (Closing, goodbye, and safe travels!)


  • One-on-one sessions with Stéphanie FAYOLLE & Christophe SERRANO & Crème de Papier
  • Conference by Albe Edition
  • Lunch break


  • Photoshoot
  • Break time / snacks
  • Post-production workshop setup
  • Photoshoot, including a sunset session


  • One-on-one sessions with Stéphanie FAYOLLE & Christophe SERRANO & Crème de Papier
  • Conference by Wedding Sparrow: Pinterest
  • Lunch break


  • Departure from Château to Hôtel Crillon-Le-Brave
  • Photoshoot at an amazing Provence venue
  • Break time / snacks
  • Photoshoot at an amazing Provence venue
  • Dinner at Hôtel Crillon-Le-Brave


  • Attendee welcome at Château La Tour Vaucros
  • Presentation and introduction of the masterclass by Christophe Serrano and Stéphanie Fayolle
  • First styling shoot
  • Venue tour
  • Welcome dinner

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